Judicially Affairs council to eliminate honors staff fluent courts of the provinces of South and North Batinah***



The gracious speech of HM

 The honorable citizens: The basic system of the state determined that dominance of law is the corner stone of the reign in the country (in execution of that, despite the legal system enjoyed considerable development during the last period of time, in synchronization with the comprehensive development process and in support thereto), but we confirm our concerns to complete the remaining elements within the coming period, especially what relates to regularization of judiciary on modern basis pertinent to the courts and relevant specialties, and of different degrees, legal procedures ought to be adopted, that warranty the state’s right to preserve security and stability and at the same time cater for public rights of individuals and local communities, asking for inspiration by Almighty Allah the Supreme and the Omnipotent who instructed prevalence of justice and benevolence and warned from tyranny and aggression.”

This text is quoted from the address of HM the Sultan to the nation in the occasion of National Day twenty seventh on 18th November 1997.

Address of the Chairman of Council

  Praised be Allah and Peace be upon Prophet Mohammed of good omen and his house the chaste and pure, and his auspicious companions and their followers until Day of Judgment, the Sultanate has privileged judiciary with special importance being the third support forming the structure of the state based on executive, legislative and judiciary powers. By judiciary justice is founded and through it rights are reinstated, tyranny is waived social security is stabilized and relations between community members are maintained being refuge and shelter.

Since issue of the Judiciary Power Law that regulates law practice at different courts in the course of litigations judgment and disputes settlement ,a thing that caused setting people’s affairs upright and preserves their security as the punishments yield of inhibition and protection, the efforts of magistrates and citizens collaborated each in own specialty in complete harmony to rule upon lawsuits filed whether civil, commercial, punitive, labor, rental or personal affairs and all that is revealed through courts’ registers extended to you.

The courts, following issue of Royal Decree (10/2012) regarding regulation of judiciary affairs management, are required more than ever to exert considerable efforts in appreciation of this honor by His majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said the Great may Almighty Allah preserves HM and furtherance of judiciary that HM presides over its Supreme Council so as to translate its independence into action and achievements in consolidation of and cementing justice, reinstate rights, parrying unfairness and enforce law. We ask Almighty Allah success and soundness.

Dr. Ishaq Bin Ahmed Al Bousaidi

Chief Magistrate the Supreme Court

Chief of Judiciary Affairs Management Council